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Exclusive Services

Dear Me works to tailor our three program types with each partnered school. These core programs function as starting points in conversation. Our Dear Me Student Heads initiate contact with their school, and provide insight into which program(s) would be the most beneficial to their community. Dear Me works with the student head and the school's administration to decide what type of program would work best, and to modify each to the needs of the school.



Dear Me x National Alliance for

Eating Disorders Speaker Series

Dear Me will work with your school to schedule information sessions with our National Alliance for Eating Disorder Liaisons. Information sessions may be provided for students, teachers, parents, or other audiences. We will work with you to personalize information sessions to your school’s needs.


Curriculum Consulting

Dear Me will work closely with your school to strengthen its eating disorder, body image, and disordered eating health curriculum. In addition to the administration's requests, the Dear Me Student Head is integral to providing a student perspective on the student body's educational needs. 


Student Lead Organization

Dear Me will work with the student head and the
administration to implement curricula at a club level. Dear Me will assist the student club to develop a plan to host effective meetings, lead discussions on eating disorders-related issues, invite speakers, and plan outreach and advocacy initiatives.


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