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Meet The Team

Aerin Atinsky

Co-Founder & Co-Director 

Aerin Atinsky is finishing her last year of high school at The Hewitt School. Her passions include advocacy & service work, journalism and filmmaking. After acknowledging the prevalence of disordered eating and poor body image amongst her peers, Aerin began work in 9th grade to implement educational programs in schools. Now, she dreams of broadening Dear Me,’s outreach to incorporate preventative and supportive education in as many schools as possible across the globe.


Aerin Atinsky

Founder & Co-Director 

Clara Rohatyn

Founder & Co-Director 


Alexa Moses

Founder & Co-Director 


Julian Plante



Nicholas Barrata


Screen Shot 2022-09-11 at

Harper S.

Social Media Manager

Rachel Rifkin_edited.jpg

Rachel Rifkin

Katie Mittelstaedt Headshot 400 px.png

Katie Mittelstaedt

National Alliance for

Eating Disorders

Team Liaison

National Alliance for

Eating Disorders

Team Liaison

    Our Student Heads 

    Angela Ran 
    Aoibhe Mcnamara 
    Ava Hult 
    Carolina Addison 
    Chloe Poindexter 
    Dani Nussbaum 
    Emma Leifer  

    Gracie Stevens 

    Grier Henchy
    Jacoby Kroll 
    Lexi Bonham Walsh 

    Mia Baruch
    Martita Milanese 

    Natasha Rensky 

    Nola Difiore 

    Rania Farah 

    Ryann Lapenta 

    Salam Smart 
    Shrey Jhalani 


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    We are always looking to bring more student heads onto our team! All you need to do is fill out the form on our Get Involved page! 

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